Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Former Fabi's Restaurant Space For Sale

          Clark street is becoming a ghost town in Rogers Park. Another restaurant and retail space has closed.  This one was more visible than most with their large mural that can be seen from Touhy Avenue. The above photo was taken during the thunderstorm this morning. The building for sale has a strange eighties brick facade similar to that of Captain Nemo's down the street at Clark and Rogers. The first evidence that the restaurant had closed online is on Yelp 4/1/13. Scanning the reviews the following can be surmised. They are often closed on Fridays, it was a mom and pop operation, full bar, was known for its chunky guacamole and chile rellenos, and had a large television. Overall 4 stars on Yelp. This writer had eaten there 4-5 years ago and agree with most of what the reviewers wrote. It was a good solid Mexican restaurant with a homey atmosphere with great service but suffered from lack of patronage.

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Davey said...

Ghost town? Sillyass hyperbole. It's in fact quite lively. Turnover is a fact of life.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Speakin a ghost towns what's up wit dis blog? It's like a dusty old echo chamber in here.

JeffreyLittleton said...

I até there a couple months ago and it really sucked.