Saturday, June 1, 2013

What Is The Function Of This Locked Box?

         Many people walk past this nondescript box everyday without even noticing it. Do you guys know why this old lock box is here? If not then continue reading to find out. 


           This stretch of Morse Avenue doesn't have a newspaper stand. The only place you can get a newspaper here now is the Morse Fresh Market and from Cameo Cleaners. The Golden Mini Mart doesn't carry newspapers and the reason they give is that there is no place for them to drop off the papers early in the morning. But that didn't stop Cameo Cleaners from carrying the Sun-Times.

           The Sun-Times and other papers use nondescript boxes like this as places to drop off their papers, because storeowners aren't going to be open that early for deliveries. It is sad to see the state of print media nowadays. A lot of people just grab a Red-Eye if at all for their news nowadays. The Sun-Times has less pages than ever and is smaller in height and width, but if you need news in a pinch stop by Cameo Cleaners (which by the way has made an amazing turnaround this past year).

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