Monday, June 24, 2013

Hare Krishnas Prepare For Ratha Yatra

          This nice gentleman explained the purpose of the parade. This past Sunday (yesterday) was the day that all the deities come out of hiding. If you help drag the chariot then you and the last seven generations of your ancestors are absolved of all your sins. Pretty good deal. ISKCON is all about good karma. The parade has been using this route for the third year in a row (from Howard/Ashland to Sheridan and down to Loyola Park). Before that it was by Devon and Western.

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          The Hare Krishnas Of 1716 w Lunt Avenue are hoping that the next route for the parade is downtown. A generator could be heard humming aboard the chariot which powered the P.A. system. The official name of the church is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. As as far as religions go these are not pushy people. He also offered that this is a Christian conscious religion and that the main point was if you believe in the higher power everything will be okay. No wonder the followers exude laid back vibes.

           ISKCON followers relax in the shade above. Reading Wikipedia this ceremony is also known as Roth Jatra aka Chariot festival.  The huge chariots of Jagannath pulled during Rath Yatra is the etymological origin of the English word Juggernaut. Yatra means journey and Ratha is the chariot. The deities are loaded onto the chariot below. And the ropes are prepared for the pulling of the vehicle. Jarring contrast between the North of Howard street culture and the Hare Krishnas.


Steve Browne (sometimes John Verkleir) said...

You should have stuck around and joined the parade. It was crowded but fun, and the food in the park was free.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Would have if this writer had had time. :)