Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do You Speak English?

Google Maps screenshot of Farwell and Greenview looking east

             A great opening question to throw you off guard eh? The bald headed light complected African-American man with the famous line is back. And he has gained weight. This writer saw him at this intersection last night. He had the fake look of panic on his face with inhaler in hand. This time he was on foot, sometimes he is on a bicycle or on the phone. Was going to take a picture of him but he noticed that the person he was talking to was onto his game. Instead of his usual spiel he asked if jumper cables were available. A quick tour of the neighborhood after a negative response and he was gone. Poof.

              In the past this writer and others have run across him up and down Glenwood Avenue from Rogers Park down to Uptown. Don't be fooled by his story, he doesn't have a sick daughter with asthma who needs an inhaler or nebulizer or anything like that. Its a great ruse because it plays upon your need to help others. He gets about twenty or so bucks out of the deal. The story doesn't make sense because if his daughter was  that short of breath he would just take her to the ER.  Running the streets looking for money to buy the medicine at the pharmacy while a loved one gasps for breath at home is illogical. This scenario also can't be happening on a daily basis. This writer has personally stopped one person from buying into his fake story.

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Cereal thriller said...

Panhandlers need a mandatory, on the spot wood shampoo by the attending police officer.