Saturday, October 20, 2012

Runges on Rogers and Restored Fire Hydrant/Lane and Sign

           Recently worked on this stretch of Rogers Ave as well during my now permanent exile from EveryBlock. I had talked to Mr Runge while picking up trash there and he had told me how a customer waiting for their car to be delivered to them at the sidewalk had been robbed by a group of youths in broad daylight. The area didn't look good at that time a few weeks ago. There was alot of litter, the hydrant looked sad, his sign on the fence had stickers on it and there was trash on the inside of his yard. There was Latin King Graffiti on his grey door. In other words it looked like a good place to get robbed or worse. Living in Rogers Park this writer has learned if it looks the part then it will play the part. Sure you could get robbed in the nicest neighborhood or location in the world, but it sure is a lot less likely. The graffiti has been removed, the trash picked up, the hydrant and fire lane restored.  His sign on his fence was restored. Now it looks like a nice place to walk by or get your car fixed at. 

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