Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Everyblock On LockDown.

                 John V. 6 Year RP Resident - Condo President

          "John V is still here for now. But I will be leaving soon. I don't post too often and I leave my discussion topics to community events. I thank people, and I get thanked a lot. That's about it. I enjoy having the ability to view and share experiences and I've had a long experience here doing so. Others are more colorful, humorous, and satyrical in their posts - and most are more frequent. Sometimes they make me laugh. Sometimes they make me cringe.But each and every time I'm glad we're talking. I thank EB for that bridge that brought all of us together. It was instrumental in helping many of us eclectic and downright crazy Rogers Parkers to meet in person finally. As EB has seemingly become a police state of censorship - its benefits have been outweighed by its detriments. Time for a new services and for someone to swallow this site."

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