Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bus Depot + Free Newspapers = Vortex of Litter

              The elements of the Howard/Gateway Bus Depot create a perfect storm for a sustained assault of litter and newspaper debris. Wind tunnel of newspaper litter and all the other wonderful trash that passerbys see fit to add make their way down Paulina to Rogers. What if the yard posted was your yard? This demands a special SSA brigade.  Does Public Transportation and Buses in general and where they live have to go hand in hand with massive amounts of trash.


jeffo said...

Needless to say I picked up all the newspapers.
I dont want to have to pick up newspaper debris
EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I am trying to fix this problem
from the source. Maybe the Bus Depot shouldnt have free
newspapers? (Really it should, its good for people to read)
But with that comes the responsibility of the city
and CTA to hire some people to keep it neat and clean.

jeffo said...

I will say that the Howard SSA is doing a very
good job keeping Howard looking good.
However I saw them simply standing around
this am WAITING for trash to happen.
They could dispatch a few members to take care
of the Bus Depot and Gateway Plaza area where
PLENTY of trash awaits.

Anonymous said...

Standard Parking bears a good deal of the responsibility for this, as well. The lighting and cleanliness of the parking garage is deplorable, particularly the area around the elevator. Burned-out lights, filthy elevator, bird droppings, cigarette butts - and yes, Red Eye remmants everywhere. The ownership doesn't give a crap, either. They blame it on Gateway and the CTA, and the CTA personnel blame it on Standard Parking. ARRRRGH.