Thursday, October 25, 2012

All Hilarious Comments Will Be Censored On Everyblock.

It seems that an interesting fringe group has been brought up on ultra-liberal Rogers Park Everyblock (Note it is impossible to link to this discussion as it has been censored)

"Fruitarianism involves the practice of following a diet that includes fruits, nuts and seeds, without animal products, vegetables and grains.[1] Fruitarianism is a subset of dietary veganism."

From Yesterday
 Inactive user
Though one must question why a fruitarian lives anywhere but the tropics. Fruits that don't grow naturally in our climate have to be shipped here during the rest of the year. They will be shipped in cardboard boxes. These boxes are made not from trees that have died a peaceful natural death, but from trees killed and shredded, their woody corpses cruelly processed and glued and stapled. (Boxes made from recycled materials just repeat this dreadful process.) And of course the shipping will involve fossil fuels, which are from long-dead animals and plants who did not consent to be pumped out of the ground, refined, and burned to power internal combustion engines. So hard to be consistent.
This comment received SEVEN thanks and ofcourse two of those are from inactive users!!

And from yesterday from the same inactive user.

 Inactive user
I only buy produce from a non-violent farmer. He and his wife let the plants die a natural death before they harvest the fruits and vegetables. That way they don't cut the living produce off of the plant. That is a form of botanical murder. It costs more but it is a non-violent way of farming. We never cook our food because that burns fossil fuel and destroys the planet. A raw vegan diet is much better. Even our cats are vegans.
UPDATE ----- Bill Savage has just quit Everyblock and announced it on Broken Heart RP.

"I recently quit EB due to the banning and bullshit. If we cannot have a conversation among adults--which would include insults, vitriol, and anger as well as warm fuzzies, hugs and kisses, well, fuck it. I can go hang out with the Waldorf school mothers if I want nothing but nice. Bill Savage"


John V. said...

I must say I was tickled to see some of the hilarious posts going up. They were mostly pure fun being had in protest to the over-moderation happening on the NBC News Blog. I know it inconvenienced a few lost cat owners and a guy angry about a broken fence, perhaps, but when protest to the deletion of fellow users accounts results in deletion of one's own account - simply for expressing disagreement for the moderator's actions, what else can be done than to laugh it off at the expense of the overzealous moderator?

jeffo said...

@ John V.
YES. It was quite funny. I had to post this about the fruitarians. Because I couldnt believe that this was even real and where else but in Rogers Park would such a thing be posted. Yes the NBC News Blog had to steer things back into what their vision of the site was. Looking at the video they have now makes me cringe. I could just imagine "poor" Becca having to delete so many accounts.... The higher ups mustve been on the phone to her saying, "What the hell is going on with that Rogers Park account?, Its getting WAY out of hand. Becca we need more LOST CATS, and PARKING GRIPES and innocent questions about vegetarian restaurants!!!! The numbers arent looking good!!!
No one is going to rent an apartment on this kind of site!!!"

jeffo said...

And in hindsight I remember Becca starting softball threads like
HEY whats your favorite place to get a hotdog and such trying to control the tone of the site. And the makeup of the site very slowly changing such that major disagreements just werent tolerated. The thanks and no thanks buttons I didnt really like because then it was just a popularity contest. And then the CHILLING report your neighbor to the administration button came to be. I also think the Blockstar, Welcome Wagon and Old School whatever badges were just plain old cheesy. Im not on a site to earn merit badges!!!

I will say for a little while it was a great site and ALOT was accomplished.
So thanks NBC for letting us Rogers Parkers use the site constructively and sometimes very UNCONSTRUCTIVELY and thanks for letting us to get to know each other. Looks like if we want frank discussions or discussions that become hyperbolic and heated and out of control or just freaking hilarious we will have to either FIND another site or come up with one ourselves. Really I dont think the kind of site envisioned by NBC works for the kind of people that live in Rogers Park. :)