Monday, October 22, 2012

The Dumpsters in Our Lives aka The Homebase of Vandals and Graffiti

This am I took a little time (2minutes) to get rid of graffiti on our local street sweeping dumpster
at Birchwood and Ashland. Dumpsters are the whipping boy of Graffiti Artists famously. And if you dont want your neighborhood to be the haven and home of graffiti you have to get rid of ALL Graffiti. Dumpsters live a semipermanent life in our neighborhoods. We need to treat our dumpsters as part of our neighborhood because they are. I like dumpsters because they are gigantic trash cans that I can throw litter into. I used silver spray paint to quickly go over the graffiti here and on the front of the dumpster some goof off. Easy Peasy.

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