Monday, October 22, 2012

Inactive User: EveryBlock Rogers Park Censorship

            From anonymous sources we have heard that many many people are getting booted off of Everyblock. It looks like Everyblock is a great place to BEGIN community discussion and meet and discuss things with people and THEN when conflict inevitably happens, well off you go. Banishment on Everyblock is reaching epidemic proportions and WE as a community need a new site or heck everyone will just start their own blog.Craig and JeffO are banished and from looking at the recent posts it will be obvious who else has been banned. RogersParker who has her own blog has been banned as well recently. Many Many Many others undeserved of exile permanent or otherwise has suffered the same fate.

             Please comment here if you like many others have suffered from Everyblock Banishment syndrome. This is the last icon used by my last alter ego Philip McGregor Rogers (resident since 1835) on EveryBlock,  Alas the wee lad was killed in the cradle, he was going to talk in old irish and bring a bit of cheer to the site. But that was never allowed and the restoration of this hydrant could not be posted. Yes pretty controversial stuff. If the founding father of Rogers Park cant hack it on Everyblock who the hell can?


           Everyblock doesn't own our community or what we have to say about it. In fact I'm glad I got banned. It gave me a chance to finally start a blog. Something I have been thinking about for a long time. Everyblock is turning into one of the dullest sites ever. Now its just silly Flash Mob crap that as Fred Arminsen would say "ITS OVER" or parking restrictions or raking leaves into the gutter. It was fun while it lasted and I predict alot of us previous Everyblockers will land on our feet. We were doing just fine before the advent of Everyblock and we will do just fine without it too. Peace out.

6pm CST - Yes these sources were confirmed by reading the Morse Hell Hole
In the comments section Applesauce (aka AppleJack) and Helen have been unceremoniously banned from Everyblock.


jeffo said...
Someone Dares to speak out about Everyblock Censorship on Everyblock.

jeffo said...

Previous entry was taken down and new one has taken its place.
Thanks John V.

jeffo said...

"As a reminder, the EveryBlock community guidelines are subject to and incorporate the NBCU Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If there’s a conflict between EveryBlock guidelines and the NBCNews Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy overrule the guidelines."

Everyblock links up to this site.
EB is way too corporate. Bye bye EB, been nice knowing you. :)

Anonymous said...

"EveryBlock Becca" is going nuts banning people!

Jeffrey littleton said...

Everyblock banished you because your comments are repetitive and un-neighborly. Too many negative over-reaching generalizations of entire demographic groups perhaps...go figure.

Everyblock banned Jeffo...Uptownupdate banished Jeff Littleton. BIG FUCKING deal.

I get along fine on everyblock because they are not just a gentrification circle-jerk as you are looking for, UU is past their prime and on the slow skid so big deal have fun with it. Such is life.

jeffo said...

Hey Littleton whats up!, glad you found the site.
Well Everyblock was and is just a reflection of whats going on with the neighborhood
censored or uncensored. Even the silly mamby pamby stuff right now reflects gentrification
such as complaining about leaves being raked into the street or barking dogs, I cant see that
type of conversation going on in englewood.

Gentrification is a natural for Rogers Park given location, transportation options
proximity to Evanston and Loyola and the Lake and its on the Northside
and the x-factor of James Pritzker pumping millions into it.
Plenty of places in Chicago not gentrifying right now. The city is improving,
it could just be called revitalization. People dont like change thats for sure
but the city will never stop changing.