Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Photos That Everyblock Censored In September

The photos that Everyblock didn't want you to see

            This conversation was abruptly halted on Everyblock in September and not allowed to run its normal course.  Everyblock is heavy on censorship to the point where this writer will no longer ever post on there again. Questioning a local business'es advertising techniques resulted in excuses and apologies but nothing was done to rectify the situation. Pointing out an important problem, sign vandalism and that a local business was contributing to it created a firestorm on this forum. Everyblock decided it was just easier to shut it down and let everyone go back to griping about dogs barking or  parking problems in the neighborhood. These photos are from September, if you look close you can see what sticker I am talking about and this is a half a  block from the shop. Is this libelous and defamatory? No its not. And it needn't have been censored from public discourse.

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