Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reference to Chevanston from 2007


            "In the Volvo, tear-assing down the Coast of Chevanston (Chicago/Evanston)."

         This photo is from a blog called Hilarity Ensues. There is comic book art from Wonder Woman Comics, inactive of late, last post was  Feb 2012. Chevanston is a portmanteau already in existence, likely even before 2007. Many words we use nowadays are portmanteau like smog, which is a combination of the words smoke and fog. The origin of the word portmanteau itself is a combination of two words in French, porter is carry and manteau is a cloak and in English means a suitcase. Lewis Carrol had Humpty Dumpty explain this word to Alice in his book. One example of a word he came up with that we still use today is chortle, chuckle plus snort. Another common one is motel = motor + hotel.

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