Monday, May 12, 2014

Voices Carry

This building had some noisy neighbors last night

Mid spring and early summer is the time of year you learn who makes a lot of noise. Normal discussions should not echo or reverberate between buildings, courtyards and across alleys to disturb others trying to sleep.

Increased ambient temperatures brings everyone outside. Windows are opened to get some fresh air and cool off. Chicago is pretty lenient with its official noise ordinance beginning at 10 pm. Better to nip things in the bud and call in noisy neighbors now. Rather than to letting things get out of control later on in the summer. Unless you feel comfortable do not speak to them yourselves. Unsolicited advice or complaints are rarely received warmly.

And then they know who you are and they may heckle you. Better to let the cops handle it. Its the Universes way of telling someone "Hey you are loud and obnoxious. Keep it down." That way things don't escalate.

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