Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scabby The Rat Pays A Visit To West Ridge

Scabby watches over California Avenue in solemn disapproval. Sneering, seething, ready to pounce on any non union worker passerby. "Notice To Public - Miller Concrete Pays Substandard Wages And Benefits - Laborers' Local 288"

This is a local job for Scabby who hails from Plainfield, Illinois. Big Sky Balloons and Searchlights have spawned other large rodents and creatures in their laboratory (giant skunks and pigs).

Scabby the Rat joined Twitter a couple years ago. Scabby The Rat @ScabbyTheRat "I was born in Chicago in 1990 to protest anti-union activities. Read my recent profile in Vice Magazine here:"

According to Mental Floss Big Sky sells one or two hundred inflatable rats a year. The six foot model seen above goes for two grand while the largest at twenty five feet sells for eight.

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(May 21st)

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