Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Neglected Morse Mini Mall

No way get into Chase right now. At least until they open their doors at 9. This mall is suffering a hangover from the holiday weekend. The card swiper has been swiped and trash overflows onto the ground.

A sinkhole that started last month caused one car significant damage over the weekend (another view). Silver lining is that they finally found a use for that strange concrete pillar with the handicapped parking sign. Usually it lays outback on its side dreaming of being useful again someday. Will the concrete pillar take out any more cars?

People are always entering and exiting the mini mall incorrectly. The corporate overlords have rented out spaces from an uncaring inattentive landlord. That sinkhole by the storm drain should've been fixed awhile ago. How much did this property receive in rent last month?

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