Monday, November 17, 2014

Sign Up For Winter Classes @ Touhy Park

Touhy Park 7348 N Paulina (773)262-6737

Registration Online Begins 12/2/14

Classes Begin the week of January 5th:

 *Tot Spot* Saturday’s 10:30-11:30am  - $10 (10 Week Session)  for 1-3yrs

 *SOCCER* Tuesday’s  4:15-5pm - $10 (10 Week Session)  for 6-7yrs

*FLOOR HOCKEY* - Thursday’s  4:15-5pm for 6-7yrs - $10 (10 Week Session)

*KIDDIE COLLEGE* - Wed & Fri 9:30-11am for 3-5yrs  -$30 (10 Week Session)  preschool
$10 (10 Week Session)  4-5yrs

*SOCCER* - Monday’s  4-4:45pm  for 4-5yrs $10 (10 Week Session)

*BASKETBALL* - Wednesday’s  - 4-4:45pm

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

In general Touhy Park looks great. Exceptions.... Safe Park Zone sign needs a new washer and bolt to straighten it out. And the field house itself needs a scrub. Since when is public domain  a chalkboard? Better this than the old Jewish Temple on Pratt.

Still its great the kids had fun writing all over the building. Now how about the grownups show the kids how to respect our neighborhood and help them clean it off?

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