Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Bar Is Open @ Philly's Best

The booze signs are hung and lit. Eight beers on tap. The current line up : Stella Artois, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Blue Moon, Revolution Brew Double Fist, Lagunitas IPA, Two Brother Side Kick, Matilda, and Founders. Two cops stopped by to grab a bite. The New England Bronco game was on. A man with glasses alone tapping away at his computer. College age kids at the corner walk-up table.

If anyone opening a restaurant wants to know what the customers are thinking you can't escape the site that is Yelp. Most common complaints; philly cheese steak too small and you can't have different games on different televisions. It looks like people like what they're getting. They just want more of it. What do people rave about? The fry/burger bar and customer service.

We are lucky that Philly's Best moved from Evanston to Rogers Park (6800 N Sheridan Chicago, Il). We needed another neighborhood retreat for good grub. drinks, a place to unwind and catch the game whatever it happens to be.

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