Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sick Of People's Gas Construction?

Neighbors are revolting against the parking restrictions due to People's Gas construction in the 7400 north block of Paulina. This pile of ripped down no parking construction zone notices were flying around this morning.

We know from experience that even no parking tow zones bolted down are subject to removal. The ironic thing is that all of this is taking place without sight or walking distance of a very large parking garage.

Parking is a problem in Rogers Park. But not this area. According to Parkopedia Gateway Plaza Garage has 592 spaces. Five bucks for 12 hours or ninety nine bucks for the month. Parking tickets can easily cost over a hundred bucks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm personally sick of the parking restrictions. Not only are the restrictions in place, but over by our place, the construction workers take all of the parking spaces, so where are residents supposed to park? You might not see an extra $100 a month as a big deal, but some of us do.

One good way to make sure you don't get towed is to buy one of those yellow or orange construction vests and put it on your dash or window. This is what all the construction guys do to make sure they don't get tickets or towed.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

This work has to be done hassle or no hassle. And it is temporary. 5 bucks a day (overnight at least) is better than a tow or a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit about parking 'not a problem' in this area. Try it sometime smug asshole.

j said...

Anonymous 1: If $100 extra per month is a big deal, think about the extra savings received when not owning a car. Car ownership is expensive, we all must acknowledge that street parking is not a free commodity though the general public views it as such.

There's no reason why we don't have higher cost associated with parking on the street, you're receiving a subsidized product at the expense of everybody.

Anonymous 2: I wish this site required registered names to post, posting as Anonymous is awfully "asshole" like when calling someone an asshole.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well J more people post under anon and sometimes people will be more truthful when totally anonymous and they ofcourse can curse and say what they really feel! :)

Agreed that if someone finds parking to onerous in general the cost savings of not having a car are huge.

Over time Chicago will have more and more alternatives to driving since car ownership is so expensive.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Yo what da fuck all ya fuckin' babies crying about? Goddammit. Ya want safe gas pipes dat ain't exploding' left and right? Wait for da goddamned construction to end and stop yer bitchin'. You fucktard pussies would complain if someone laid a nice pipe in ya in a good way. For free.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that Governor potato head let them raise gas rates, just like Com Ed to pay for them to modernize their system. Didn't even think of letting these for profit companies use profits for this.

Louise Long said...

"Well J more people post under anon and sometimes people will be more truthful when totally anonymous and they ofcourse can curse and say what they really feel! :)" What a silly statement, Jeffrey. Stanley has no trouble cursing and saying what he really feels.

Anonymous said...

The "just-don't-have-a-car" line is bullshit. Try taking your kid to the doctor in the rain or snow and then tell me about how great not having a car is. And no, $5 a day is not better than the occasional ticket, since that comes out to $150 a month. The work by our house is scheduled to last another two years, so I also don't want to hear about any "temporary" hassle, especially not when they wake your kids up before 6 am when they're loudly shooting the shit right under your home's windows.