Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gunfire Reported @ Marshfield and Jonquil

Peter Nickeas @PeterNickeas with the following Twitter account (Chicago violence and mayhem (overnight) reporter for the @chicagotribune @chicagobreaking desk. )

tweeted an hour ago "Jonquil + Marshfield, shots fired at a group. Unclear if anyone hit."

Update 1/6/13 1 am - A few hours later the scene of the alleged shooting is all quiet except for drizzle. Guess the gangs forgot this was a safe school zone. This shooting happened just a block north of Sol Cafe. Increased density of coffee shops correlates positively with lower shootings. We could use a coffee shop or diner North of Howard.

Please continue reading for daytime photo


Anonymous said...

Shooting today at 10:50 AM. The morse boys came up to Paulina and got into a gun battle.

Anonymous said...

Need some pizza delivered to my house but I want it delivered on a bicycle by a drunk asshole. Is there anyone who might be able to help?