Friday, November 22, 2013

Do You Have A Sucker Pole On Your Block?

The street signs Howard Street and Marshfield Avenue outside Sol Cafe (next to the bike rack) are being held up by a sucker pole. This writer informed the Sol's staff of its presence. broke the story about how bike thieves use these unbolted poles to steal bikes. According to the article the crooks routinely check known sucker poles. Gives a whole new meaning to bike route.

Neighbors should check to see how many sucker poles exist within walking distance of their abode. Sucker poles should be called into 311. Crime does keep the economy moving. Some people can't afford to lose their main means of transportation though.

In general not a great idea to lock your bike up anywhere overnight or any real length of time unattended. If you must lock your bike outside don't use a street pole. Even if the pole is bolted it may be loose and easily unbolted.

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