Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gangs Of Rogers Park

This looks to be the pitchfork of the Gangster Disciples. When its thrown down its the symbol of the Latin Kings. Where was this? Across from the United Church of Rogers Park. Ashland and Clark are dividing lines between rival gang factions. Symbols like these should be removed or covered over immediately. People shoot each other over perceived territory based on these geographical markers.

Chicago Cold War has the best local database on gang graffiti on his Flickr account. Chicago Talks has an excellent article discussing the gang problem of Rogers Park. In the piece police commander Waldera states that half the gang members that hang out here don't live here. Landlords who turn a blind eye to gang activity are a major part of the problem. This graffiti was right down the street from the featured intersection Ashland and Farwell in the Bang Da Hitta video.

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