Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Plaza @ Loyola Station

Coming Spring 2014 - The Plaza @ Loyola Station. The four story mixed use commercial building will not be open to the elements this winter.

Reviewing the blueprints for the building at the above link there will be 14 apartments (two studios and twelve one bedrooms) on floors 2,3,4, four commercial tenants on the ground floor. Chicago Curbed says it will be a 41 unit building, but 14 times three equals 42.

The two story storefronts (formerly home to Carmen's) just north of Bruno's are badly tagged. Its currently being used to advertise Albion @ Loyola Station. There is a defunct Lakeside Management sign still stuck to the building. Why is Loyola putting up with this vandalism?

Here are some pictures from August of the construction site.

Please continue reading for more pictures

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Anonymous said...

Lakeside Mgmt. is used by Loyola to manage their building's