Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Are You Freaking Kidding Me Edgewater?

Just over a month ago a Northwestern academic tweeted that he was surprised that you could be arrested for riding your bike on the sidewalk in Rogers Park. The title of this blog post is a riff on this  tweet; "are you f&*^n' nuts, Chicago @ Rogers Park?" Maybe he didn't realize how many drug lookouts or dealers ride their bike around as well. If you do that you could be arrested.

In Edgewater if you don't walk your bike they will walk it for you. DNAinfo.com reported that there will be stricter enforcement of the ban on sidewalk bicycle riding. And more importantly increasing the fine to two hundred dollars from fifty. You will notice on the sign above that the $200 has been stuck onto the sign. No mention was made though of the possible temporary disabling of the offender's bicycle. Incapacitating and making someone's bicycle unrideable even for a short time must be demoralizing.

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j said...

When a bicycle is your sole form of transportation, yes it can be demoralizing. I don't disagree that riding on the sidewalk should be allowed, but your tone of importance for a bike rider to have access to it is demoralizing to bike riders in general, as if riding a bike is second-class.

Not all bikes are $100 Target specials, but they all can accomplish the same thing.

Maybe your argument should be in favor of improved infrastructure rather than trying to connect bike riders to drug dealers, as if a riding on sidewalk ban stops drug dealers from riding around...

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Improved infrastructure is totally key for bicycles.

Just thought it was interesting that there was a threat of dismembering someone's bicycle for riding on the sidewalk.

Someone I work with was run down this morning by a crazy bicycle sidewalk rider. Some are speed demons.

Bicycle isnt second rate. They should have protected lanes throughout the city.

What the subject to arrest implies is that it gives police the right to question someone riding on the sidewalk. Which in case you didnt notice is something dealers or lookouts like to do.

Max Madd said...

Some bicycle riders think they can do whatever they want...

j said...

You clearly haven't been paying attention to how drivers act.