Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aftermath Of Peterson Park Mini Mall Fire

Water was still being poured on the ashes (hot spots) of last nights fire at Lincoln and Peterson as late as 3:30 pm today. It was such a large fire that the smoke was spotted as far east as Rogers Park. A four or three alarm fire. Flames shot up over fifty feet high in the air. Traffic was backed up on Peterson and Lincoln earlier today as motorists slowed to witness the damage. Loads of pedestrians walked by or hung out at the scene. CBS 2 News broadcasted live throughout the day from the intersection.

The fire started sometime around 4 pm yesterday and was reported to be under control around 6 pm. American Mattress, Mid-America Furniture and For Eyes are total losses. CBS has a picture of the fire from overhead. CFD told media that a firewall and a trench-cutting method were used to help stop the fire.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words (from Bill Savage)

Bill Savage said....

That fire visible much further than RP

I was on the Purple Line yesterday headed downtown.  Around 4:30, we took that curve on North Avenue, and I looked north and saw what looked like low black clouds on the horizon, from west to east.  I thought it didn’t fit with the weather pattern of high, potential rain clouds I’d been observing to that point (yes, I am a weather geek) but just chalked it up to the odd eddies the wind can create.  Then I got downtown and saw the fire on the news and realized I’d been seeing the smoke from that fire from several miles away.  It was huge.

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