Sunday, November 17, 2013

An Accident Waiting To Happen?

Locals should be able to adapt to the new rules of the road here on Albion. This one way street now has an extra  lane (marked by the double yellow line) allowing bicycles to ride against the natural flow of traffic. A new sign warns motorists to watch for bicycles when making a left turn into the alley.

Imagine someone from another neighborhood or out of town visiting a friend. Its night time and you don't have the lay of the land. Driving down the street looking for parking you decide to cut through the alley for one more go around.


You hit a bicyclist who came out of nowhere. When bicycles enter the conflict from an unexpected direction accidents happen. The major reason why sidewalk bicycle riding is illegal (at least if you're over 12) is to prevent unforeseen misadventures.

(By the way you can see minor street flooding from the heavy rains that hit Chicago earlier today)


Anonymous said...

I raised this point on Everyblock when the lane first appeared. I was told that the lane was part of the participatory budget process. I also dont think that the street is wide enough for a car, the bike lane and a bike in the street.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks anon. Couldn't believe this set up actually exists.

Especially with that sign.

Can't imagine someone stumbling upon this for the first time will catch on quick enough to swerve away from an oncoming bicyclist.

Especially with that left turn.

Justin Haugens said...
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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Bill Savage said (via email).....

"Albion contra-flow lane

That lane on Albion has been there since the days of Everyblock—I posted about it there. It’s well-marked and signed, and cyclists can only enter it in three ways: coming westbound across Sheridan with the light, turning off Sheridan, or coming out of the alley, so it’s not like we appear out of nowhere to shock drivers. It’s well-marked at both ends of the its one-block length, and it’s the sort of bike infrastructure that helps cyclists stay off sidewalks and connects routes otherwise broken up by one-way streets. I ride it all the time and haven’t had any problems with drivers: I have had problems with cyclists using it to go the wrong way!"

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well in general cyclists have to be more careful since they don't have the right of weight.

Hopefully this stretch of Albion stays accident free.

Anonymous said...

This is the same setup as Ardmore just west of Sheridan. No problems there either.

Anonymous said...