Monday, November 4, 2013

Supplies Have Arrived

No that's not an army barracks in the photo above. Its the dirt and planter boxes that suddenly appeared this past weekend at the southern end of the former Lerner site (Rogers and Ashland). At the north end five large piles of chips were dumped.

Some critics have called this a "gentrification bullet". That's either being overly optimistic or pessimistic. Plenty of corners like Lincoln and Kedzie where neighbors would have a good laugh over a crack like that (site of former motel).

Howard Street is ripe for development (potentially). Just not right now. Hence the community garden placeholder. A common solution to many many sites sitting vacant after the housing bubble. This site is still stuck in development hell (a term normally used for scripts and movie ideas rotting away for years).

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Laurence Higgenbottom said...

Mr. Boatman is a moron and a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. I would say that Mr. Boatman and other activist "community organizers" working under religious organizations that benefit from their tax-free status simply want to keep the area bad because it allows their organizations to continue to flourish. Take the blight out of an area and you're lessening the need for them to run their hoax community "support" organizations. Build the garden. Clean up Howard. Get rid of ONE and the corrupt ministers.

mcl said...

BTW, Phillip, It's Howard Street not Avenue.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Wow how did that happen. Thanks for the correction!