Sunday, November 17, 2013

Smart Parking?

Parking pandemonium at Touhy and Ashland this Sunday morning. The usual crowd hit the Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church en masse. Only one thing was different; the Smart Car parked at an odd angle. One passerby commented that the Smart Car could've easily paralleled parked with room to spare. Wouldn't be as much fun or as convenient though. The park job raised a lot of eyebrows.

Here is a link to a story from the UK about someone getting a ticket for parking their Smart Car at a right angle to the "kerb". The English woman got a ticket because her car stuck out over the "white bay markings". Not sure what these lines are called here in the United States. This NY Times article states that right angle parking of Smart Cars is off limits unless angle parking is allowed. Dimension of Smart Car : 98.4 inches long by 61.4 inches wide. So clearly there are times right angle parking will get you a spot you wouldn't otherwise.

Imagine if everyone had a Smart Car. How much more parking would be available? The car was gone by early afternoon.

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Steve Browne (sometimes John Verkleir) said...

That SmartCar could fit in that space properly if the owner would give it a try... Probably he or she is worried about brushing bumpers.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Agreed. We need even smaller cars for this move to really work (right angle parking).