Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Abandoned House On Pratt

Not much known about this photograph for sale on E-Bay. Ten bucks is the buy it now price. Its a four by five negative of a photograph dated April 13th 1963. Anyone have any idea of where this picture was taken?

Taking a stroll down Pratt via Google Maps there are some sixties buildings on the south side of Pratt east of Ashland. One on the corner of Ashland and one on the corner of Bosworth. There are also some drab brick buildings on the north side of Pratt by Greenview. And there is a sixties condo building at Glenwood and Pratt south side (that's where this writer's money is).


Justin Haugens said...
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Anonymous said...

Like being on - where dissecting old photos is a great hobby. The taller building on the far right of photo tells(?) me it's near a major intersection - Clark, Ashland, etc.,---but no windows - so probably not an apt. complex. My gut also mumbles to me that probably this is more west on Pratt away from the lake. I generalizing - but seems there is more of this the further away from the lake you go (again - a generalization regarding the location - not making some social statement)----anyway---fun stuff to think about.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

The taller building could be the apartment building just to the west of the condo building at Pratt and Glenwood.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Let's stay on topic Deleted Anons.

While its always fun to be clever and off the wall and offensive.

It is also a nice change to speak about the matter at hand.

Anonymous said...

This is fun. It's almost like a local version of Where's Waldo. Post some more of these. There used to be a publication that posted photos of interesting architectural details in the area and ask who could identify them.