Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fatal Gun Shots @ Greenview South Of Howard

Reports of shots fired a few days ago (Nov 24th @ approx 10 pm) at Jarvis and Sheridan and now someone shot to death at Greenview just south of Howard. Sometime in the wee hours last night (sometime between 2 and 3 am) a man in his twenties was shot to death. A white pick up reportedly fled the scene. According to the Sun-Times the slaying occurred in an alley.

The consensus via Twitter is that the man was shot in his face and chest. Chicago Tribune has a photo of the crime scene and body. Plenty of shooting at this intersection in the past few months (JB's laundromat and  Rogers just south of Howard). Evidence of one shooting in particular still sits at Greenview and Howard.

Update 11/2/13 1:03 pm - new pictures added from 7500 N block of Greenview from this morning

Update 11/2/13 1:46 pm - just published a decent article regarding the murder last night on Greenview Avenue.


Patrol Officer B. said...

Next time take a photo with some blood or brain tissue on the ground. Also why did you start promoting note cards that disrespect other person's belief systems? Our records indicate that you were raised in an unusual tradition. Is there an anger thing going on here?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ P.O.B.

Your suggestions are very insensitive and inappropriate

Anonymous said...

Impersonating an officer is a pretty serious crime.