Monday, August 12, 2013

Bang Da Hitta @ Farwell & Ashland (Disturbing Video)

An anonymous source tipped off Chevanston to the existence of  this YouTube video. Filmed on location in Rogers Park this video features semi-automatic weapons, handguns and lots of aggressive posturing. Above you can see the distinctive gate and siding of the duplex at Farwell and Greenview which suffered a fire this past winter. 

 A short message came with the video.
 "L'z are the Howard Locs. They talk about killing Al Mac, aka Alex Vernon, 19 yo murdered Aug 5, 2005 at Jonquil and Paulina. They say no peace tready (sic), 30 days of bloodshed Rogers Park. They've got Tec9's, and assualt (sic) rifles"
Note - Bpg stands for bullet proof gangster (apparently its PBG reading the comments of Youtube, what does that mean? Who knows?)

Please continue reading for more pictures and words. Warning! Lyrics to this song are explicit. It doesn't leave much to the imagination.

The street signs featured in this gangster tale are Farwell and Ashland. The rapper wears a shirt that reads "U Mad Bro?". From the video and looking at the new t-shirts at Laced Up on Howard it looks like the new fashion headwear on the street is bandanas.

A shirtless young  man with tattoos struts with a semi-automatic weapon with a white bandana. Kerchiefs have replaced doo-rags. The music consists of a horn sample, drumbeats, and some background singing. It took a long time to transcribe this song (hard to understand and the guy raps pretty fast).

Its all good. Farwell we live bitch. We already know how we do. Die Howard Die L'z. That's how we rock. I'm die L'z like aL'mac. I'm like die Howard like insane. High powered that thirty-o and I swear to God that bitch bang. Some say I never change cause i beat the temper and I'm still the same. With the rocks on me and that glock on me. Throw it off on me get a drop homie. That shit real. Ask around. Rogers Park is going down. Don't fuck around with that fucking ground don't fuck with dont get fucked around. Thirty up in that clip boy. Fuck around and get hit boy.  Bpg that shit boy. Don't fuck around with my clip boy. My youngers keep them heaters catch up and they gone eat 'em. I swear my pistol trifling cause that little bitch is a heata. All i knows up top, bleed winner i'll drop, make them fucking cops hot bring that fifty shot rock Die L'z and with them fuck N-words cuz I dont fuck with them fuck N-words you fuck around with them fuck N-words you gonna get fucked around and get stuffed N-word shout out to to my young N-words when we hear shit we be killing shit we be drilling shit we dont give a fuck if you innocent you be getting bitch
Chorus - Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die  L'z Die L'z (Die Die)

Just they let that Farwell music flow just to let you N-words know this they grab your pistol catching opposition should be flow black trunk bashed up they know act bust chrome boulders spinning thats what you call bad luck toe tag DOA thats for being in my way homicide looking for me fuck it dog gone MIA north pole Farwell killing til my heart swell disrepect my hood guaranteed theres gonna be all hell thirty days thirty nights its going rain all shells peace treaties that ain't us we ain't with that peaceful stuff all we do is swoosh it up insane game that be us swerving in suburbans pistol jerking bitch we love the rush aint no man that we trust unless it they present dust try us if you want you get smoked like swishing blood  you all know what it is we smoking L's bitch fuck them N-words N-words talking about peace treaties and shit N-words stop calling our motherfucking phones  fuck wrong with you N-words you N-words know what it is N-word bullets and gunsmoke when you see a N-word die L's die L bitch

          Repeat Chorus - Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z Die L'z

Greenview just south of Morse

One commenter named -  DieWellEnt was conciliatory on the YouTube post.
"Gwala Mane stop dick Ridin pussy lame ass niggaa man ...y'all love Howard St y'all love the Lz .....We slide thru farwell everyday it's like a ghost town where u niggaas hang at wat block y'all trap on...Keith u ain't safe on Bryn Mawr dummy Fuck Vernon he lucky he got locked up ....Y'all want sum smoke come to the back block u ain't gon make it out.....fuck hangin in the park we ain't tryna go 2 jail"

The video ends ironically with this Facebook discussion


Craig Gernhardt said...

Besides these guys being armed to the tooth, I'm kinda stunned. I didn't know Keith could sing that well.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I agree that the rhythm is good. Imagine if this creativity was directed towards something positive?

The music needs something, too repetitive.

Izaac Channen said...

I like the song too.