Friday, August 30, 2013

Two Stars Of Bang Da Hitta Video Now In Jail

Tonight Fox News reported that 22 year old Durane Oden (pictured above) has been charged with violating probation. Apparently you aren't supposed to be seen holding guns if you are on parole. Needless to say Duran has a lot of points on the new heat list.

36 grams of crack and the gun he (allegedly) toted around in the video was discovered by police when they searched his Rogers Park home (days after the video  "Bang Da Hitta - Die L'z" was posted to Chevanston). He is in jail now at Cook County facing multiple felony charges.

(all pictures are screenshots of the Fox News broadcast linked below)

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Another star of the infamous Rogers Park gangbanger video 21 year old Darvis Hurt (above) is now back at Stateville prison. He is also being charged for violating his parole by waving around a firearm in the video.

"Chicago - At the tipping point" A continuing segment on Fox News discusses the shocking Rogers Park gangbanger video which was sent to Chevanston anonymously. This video and its lyrics were posted here August 12th.

Police have compiled a heat list.  On it are the 450 people who are most likely to kill or be killed. The point total factors in criminal convictions,arrests and associations.

Pretty sure after this video came to the attention of police these two paroles shot to the top of their who's been naughty list.

John Warner of RPPL being interviewd @ Farwell & Ashland

John Warner of Rogers Park Positive Loitering was interviewed (earlier today after the rainstorm) by Michael Flannery (political editor) about his reaction to the video. He was shocked to see the brazen brandishing of guns in Rogers Park.

"I would like to see them put away (in jail) for the rest of their life" remarked John Warner concerning the two. "The streets are not for them. And it goes for anybody that is a gangbanger or a drugdealer."

RPPL in stark contrast to other positive loitering movements have conducted their activities and meetings in secret. Last night (according to Fox News) they brought their positive vibes to an undisclosed location.

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