Friday, August 9, 2013

The Case Of The Missing Driveway

This house has been vacant for quite awhile. For so long in fact that the general public routinely block the driveway with their cars. Does this house have a future? Right now it would appear not to. It has a little bit of graffiti on the side of the house. Will there be more? When will the garbage be picked up? The house's garbage can is filled to the brim and has been left on the curb.

Would hate to see this fine stucco house turn into something like the gang tagged house further south on Ashland. (Thanks in part to shining a light on this house it has since been bought and is being rehabbed.) These pictures were taken earlier in the week. Neighbors should be pitching in to make sure that this house is kept up and not taken advantage of. Right? That's life in the city. Sometimes the answer is no.

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According to Zillow the house sold for 220,000 in 2002 and again for 415,000 in 2005. Zillow also has a graph showing that the peak for housing prices was December 2007. The peak value for this house was 484 thousand dollars at that time. The lowest value on the graph is 285 thousand as of March 2013. Presently it is estimated to be worth 297 thousand. Maybe someone will buy it now that the the bottom has been reached.

It is a 1550 square foot single family house on a three thousand square foot lot. This house was built in 1901. The effects of the housing boom and subsequent crash are still affecting Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois and the nation.


Bea said...

I happen to live by this house. In fact, my family and I not only shovel the walk in the winter, but rake the leaves in the fall. We also pick up the litter and dead rodents.

This past winter, several squatters repeatedly broke in. Finally, we were able to get the city to board it up.

Several people are interested in buying the home, which is in foreclosure. The interest in the building is there -- it's just cutting through the red tape.

As for the garbage can, we have also asked that something be done about that.

If yourself or others would like to pitch in, we would be more than appreciative of your help.

Bea said...

It has taken the bank two years to file for foreclosure on this property, and already several people have expressed interest in it.

My family and I live by this home. In fact, since it was abandoned, we have shoveled and raked, and cleaned up litter and the dead rodents in the yard.

This past winter, when it was occupied by several squatters, we repeatedly called police until finally getting the city to board it up.

We are also trying to get the full garbage can removed as well. As for people parking in front of the "disappearing driveway" well, we can't do much about that. Sorry.

If you would like to pitch in to maintain this property, please feel free to drop by with a rake and some garbage bags. I know I'd appreciate it.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I just call the cops on them and then they make them leave.

Thanks for your efforts.

It takes everyone's help to make a community better.

Hope it sells soon.

Better to talk about a problem then not too.

Pretty sure we can get Ward 49 to pick up the trash too. Will call them if it hasn't been picked up already.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Bea, this writer helps with trash pickup as well around there.

Will continue to call police about the blocked driveway. Best to keep up appearances and give this house a fighting chance.

Again thanks for your efforts. This writer has been working on another foreclosed house in the area at Paulina and Fargo. (Witches Hat)

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Still blocked this morning by a silver car. Did call police. Not sure if car has moved but will call alderman's office about the trash.

Though not sure how to get the trash out if the driveway is blocked.

Wonder if this sort of thing happens in Evanston? :)

Rep. Kelly Cassidy said...

If at first you don't succeed, flag down the garbage truck and ask nicely. Mission accomplished. Silver car still there. Call placed (again) to law firm appointed trustee in bankruptcy case to get an update on the property status as well as gently remind them they need to take care of the property.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Just left a message with Michael Land concerning the situation with the trash being picked up.

Which will be impossible if the driveway is blocked.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks Rep. Kelly Cassidy!

Mary Leahy said...

Geez, it's good to know our state rep. is out there flagging down garbage trucks. Phil, when ya want something done, call on a woman to do it.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

The trash was finally emptied yesterday. And the driveway wasnt blocked!

A minor miracle.
The trash in the area was picked up by this writer and put into the now empty trash can.