Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Say Hello To Howard!

Along with the continuing Howard Streetscape we have a new get to know Howard marketing blitz. These cheesy tongue in cheek signs really (beyond the jumpbreak) bring a lot of cheer to the northern part of Rogers Park

The planters by Lost Eras and the Greenview/Rogers Avenue have now been planted. Still waiting for the clock tower. A new sign warns drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists (at Howard east of the Howard Greenview Rogers) warns in no uncertain terms that public drinking will not be tolerated. 

Specifically the new sign states "NOTICE It Is Unlawful For Any Person (even the alderman or mayor) To Drink Any Alcoholic Liquor On Any Public Way Or In Any Motor Vehicle Upon A Public Way In The City Of Chicago FINE : $100-500 or 6 MOS. Imprisonment Municipal Code Of Chicago Section 8-4-030"'

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