Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Natural History Of Litter

Not picking up garbage @ V-Tone will be an interesting case study (and on the attitude that "why don't you tell everyone else to pick it up?"). It has been two weeks. So far the refuse isn't that bad. A few beer bottles here and there, a couple water bottles (one smashed and one half full of water), plenty of food wrappers and a Dunkin Donuts plastic cup. The side yard has barbed wire, a dead tree with a plastic bag caught on it and more accumulated trash.

Ordinarily this writer would have picked this all up in five minutes. But the proprietor has made it clear that he doesn't care and that my efforts are not appreciated. The muscles at V-Tone at this point are only for self improvement and have nothing to do with keeping the neighborhood safe and trash free. Will check back in two weeks.

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1 comment:

Max Madd said...

It's good that you stopped picking up garbage.
That's the city's job anyway; that's why we pay city taxes.