Friday, August 2, 2013

Stabbing Death On Seeley

Signs of neglect, old forlorn lost dog notice on Seeley this morning

Wow talk about a delay in news reporting. Usually a tweet from Chicago Scanner or a concerned citizen breaks the news. This time the news broke the old fashioned way (well at least in this modern age of computers).  This news was posted at 10:44 pm by CBS Chicago (they used a Getty image file photo of a cop car at night) and by Chicago Tribune @ 8:47pm (no photo).

8/2/13 10:50 pm Update #1 - reports that Dezarai Gardner of 2000 block of Jarvis Ave has been charged with the stabbing murder of Anthony Price.

8/3/13 9:20 am Update #2 - According to 89 WLS - Gardner is the daughter of Price’s girlfriend, according to a police source. Gardner is expected to appear Saturday in bond court. And Anthony Price was stabbed in the chest.

Please continue reading for more words and pictures
(updated 8/2/13 10 am)

This Google Maps view was taken on a Wednesday
Street is empty because of street cleaning

Note the ticket on the windshield

 The Sun Times published their account @ 10:52 pm last night. You need a log in for the full scoop.'s doesn't come up with Google News search. But they did their mandated perfunctory report with a file photo.

Looks like the news outlets all have the same source. They are effectively acting as retransmitting agents for official police channels. This is journalism at its worst. Ho-hum another murder. Here are the bare minimum details.

Part of the reason for this being reported later is that this wasn't a shooting. Probably less commotion and noise? No less disturbing however. This is the third murder in Rogers Park in the past month.

According to the reports a Dolton man named Anthony Price was stabbed in a domestic fight around 1:30 pm yesterday 8/1/13. He was pronounced dead a few hours later at St. Francis hospital. No one is in custody at the moment.

Looking at Twitter there are some bizarre middle men news entities tweeting this news of the Rogers Park stabbing such as The News Globe@TheNewsGlobe. "Receive the latest news from around the world straight to your twitter feed. News is updated every 10 minutes from sites world-wide!"

Great. We can follow you and get updated on all sorts of generic news throughout the entire world. And hope that something relevant gets tweeted. Sounds very useful.

There is also the even more plain jane The NewZ@TheUsNewz "All your news and more in one place"

Looks like Twitter is going to get clogged up with these cloned pseudo news Twitter accounts which just retweet links of breaking news.

You can clearly see the W for Wednesday on the tree

Update - 8/2/13 10 am

No evidence of a crime scene anywhere on Seeley this morning. Neighbors are walking their dogs. The faint smell of marijuana wafts through the air. A block made up of solid brick apartment buildings some of which are now condos. Well kept lawns. An old lost dog notice. A recent found cat notice.

This part of Rogers Park can only be accessed by taking Jarvis west from Ridge, one way south on Damen and a right on Jarvis or from Howard south on Seeley. The intersection at Jarvis and Seeley is a T-intersection.

So people in this area either live here or are visiting people they know.

(Cat found July 22nd, the small print is hard to read)
You can adopt this cat if you want to.

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