Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Another Shoot Out On My Block"

Evidence? (Screenshot of YouTube video)

An hour ago Ray Sun The One tweeted a link to this video. In it a group of young men are inspecting a shattered rear window of what appears to be a late nineties dark green American car. Location?  Courtyard building with plain black gate. In the reflection you can see another building featureless and solid brick. This type of building with that kind of gate is common North Of Howard.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Wandering through the area on Google Maps we get a match at the 1700 block of Juneway Terrace. When did this happen? Not sure. There was a shooting earlier this year in late March.
Most recently, on Saturday, March 23, two victims thought to be from the Englewood neighborhood were shot as they left a party north of Howard Street on Jonquil Terrace.
Leaves return to trees and grass comes back to life in late March and early April. The men in the video are wearing jackets and clothing appropriate for an early spring day.

It is strange to see amateurs investigating a crime scene and posting it to YouTube. Were the police called? Most people under these same circumstances would leave this work to the professionals. Instead of doing your own examination and posting it on the internet.

In any case there are two bullet holes in the car. One in the trunk and one that pierced the back window and into the cloth below. Perhaps made by the same bullet? They end up finding a bullet fragment in the lower front seat compartment.

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