Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shooting 1600 Block Of Morse During Gang Argument

Generic file photo courtesy of E-bay

Murders may be down in Rogers Park, but the shootings continue. Is it because they are bad shots?  Easy for a local blog to turn into just a crime blog. According to  in their local city-wide violence roundup there was "an argument about gang affiliations". A novel way to describe inter or intra gang warfare. It hints that it would be possible for them to resolve their differences or that something important was being discussed.
 About 2:15 a.m. Wednesday, a 33-year-old man was shot in his hip and stomach during an argument about gang affiliations in Rogers Park, said Officer Michael Sullivan, a police spokesman. The man was taken to Saint Francis Hospital after the incident, which happened in the 1600 block of West Morse Avenue

Please continue reading for more pictures and words (finally tooks pics of 1600 block of Morse)

Maybe this shooting would end if there was a meeting like in the movie "The Warriors" (yes it is a frequent reference, will have to watch more gang movies). All the gangs of the city come to one spot to iron out their differences and stop fighting. But we shouldn't be too surprised that there is a shooting when you have local "rappers" singing about being a "BPG" and that "Rogers Park is going down" etc, etc, etc.

Squiggly recently closed and bodega named S and K has opened up.
Some loitering has been observed at the new corner store.

(Incidentally it would be way more relevant, interesting and informative if a picture of where the shooting took place was included with the story. Instead of a boring file photo. Is real journalism that much of a chore? Its times like this that this writer misses the Broken Heart of Rogers Park or the short lived Now in Rogers Park. Actual pictures of the crime scene were taken instead of just phoning it in. Will take photos of where the shooting occurred as time allows.)

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