Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dead Trees Everywhere

A dead tree started a Twitter account. Half dead tree on Morse in front of the Rogers Park florist. Major tree limbs falling due to ?climate change and or disease. We are surrounded by the carcasses of our leafy green friends. Its not an early winter. The emerald ash borer is destroying the trees of our neighborhood.

Evanston painted trees blue (Sheridan median by the Calvary cemetery) to call attention to the infestation of the Asian bug with a voracious and unstoppable appetite. Last year they cut down all the trees on Elmwood (aka Irony) avenue by St. Francis (for probably the same thing). Evanston was to have cut down these trees on Sheridan earlier today. Will drive by tomorrow for an update.

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Humans are stupid sometimes. Many times. This is just one example. Trees in nature don't grow in rows in alphabetical order or by species name.

Long ago this human/writer learned that the people behind horticultural plantings were incompetent and ignorant. Disease spreads much faster if ash (or elm) trees are planted one by one by one next to each other. Tree root rot, insects, viruses, dutch elm disease. Whatever the cause of the epidemic; the plague is devastating if the same type of tree is clustered in one area.

It is possible for Homo Sapiens to learn from their mistakes? Yes. But it takes the knowledge to know when to ask questions. Maybe someone with a PhD in Plant Biology from say Northwestern or Loyola should be an adviser on future tree plantings and modern tree management.

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