Saturday, August 17, 2013

From El Mexicano #1 To Northshore Food & Liquors?

Last year Joe Moore spoke of a possible change in ownership of the liquor store at Northshore and Clark to a Mr Amit Amin. Mr. Amin owns Evanston First Liquors a few miles north. This store was formerly known as El Mexican Liquors. It was to change names to Northshore Food and Liquors. 

The changes that are occurring at this liquor store are for the betterment of the neighborhood. Liquor stores can be havens for vice and violence. The stark bland but uncluttered storefront will be cheered up soon with a new awning. 

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Google Maps Screenshot of El Mexicano #1

If the rehab continues according to the plan set forth here, then the awnings should be going up soon at 6701-03 N Clark Street. Also in the memorandum it is stated that there will be no malt liquor, no small bottles, no cheap wine, no glass pipes, no chore boys, no rolling papers and no phillies blunts. Loitering won't be tolerated, removing the paper signs obstructing a clear view of the street, attend CAPS meetings and other improvements to the interior.

Across the street the landlord has a sign that states no playing, sitting, standing, loitering is allowed. The loitering makes sense, even maybe the sitting and standing. But no playing?

Cropped and closer shot of El Mexicano #1

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