Monday, August 26, 2013

Ouch! That Smarts

The fence that surrounds the former Lerner newspaper factory used to stick out a foot further. Most of the poles were cut flush to the ground. Save four.

Walking towards the Art and Sol flea market this past Saturday this typist witnessed a fellow fair goer trip on one of these. The view above shows that the pole remnants stick up an inch and a half. Just enough to stub your toe real good or cause someone to fall.

Falls can lead to serious injury or death. Fractures, concussions, broken nose, bruised ribs or a chipped tooth.

Thankfully the pedestrian who tripped this past Saturday was able to catch his bearings and continue on to enjoy the flea market. ("Suffice it to say" this writer will inform Ward 49 of this issue tomorrow morning.)

Last edited 8/27/13 6:30 am


Blair Wentworth-McCormick said...

The Ward does not own property nor does is it responsible for maintaining private property. I advise that you contact the owner if you want results. It would be more productive to report cracked sidewalks and other tripping hazards on public walkways to 311.

Typer? No such word in the English language. Typist perhaps? "Suffice it to say."

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks for the corrections.

Sidewalks aren't private property. This is more than the average sidewalk issue.

If we had two alternate universes one we could just try 311 and the other the Ward 49 office. Then we could see who was right.

This isn't your average "cracked" sidewalk. Its a piece of metal, four of them sticking up in the public way.

In case anyone doesnt know where this is by the picture.

Its Ashland walking north towards Howard.