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Where HP Lovecraft Might Reside Present Day : Single Family House @ 5640 N Sheridan Road - Edgewater

Handwritten address on Sheridan Rd

This is Chevanston Crib Chatter edition (can't get Crib Chatter to break out of their green zone rut). One of a kind house in a one of a kind location. Imagine living in a single family house where your neighbors are high rises. A few 2/3 flats to the west but an extremely dense part of the city.

The real estate sales agent even has a gothic sounding name; Bert Gor (missing an e?). Bicycling late at night you get a flat tire. You see a small dim light in the front room with the gate slightly ajar (little do you know that its always locked). A old man is relaxing in a rocking chair in the foyer. The other buildings look formidable, unapproachable. What ensues after knocking at the door for help is something right out of The Picture In The House.

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Please continue reading for more pictures and words (Warning LOTS of pictures)

The Remax listing states that its current price is just shy of seven hundred thousand (699,900). It has third floor views of the lake. The for sale sign thrown to the ground just north of the building is from when it was last bought in 2006 for more than twice that (1.5 million). It was to be torn down for a condo high rise. Thankfully the market crashed and the house survived. Built in 1908 and standing on a 9,000 square foot lot this spread could serve many purposes.
  • Residence for in city recluse
  • A crash pad for rich out of towners
  • Another Bed and Breakfast for James Pritzker 
  • A real honest to god frat house for Loyola
  • A museum for rare stamps or blood types (vampire)
  • Home for a modern day Hugh Hefner on the rise

What school district is it in? What does it matter? If you can afford to buy this place and rehab it back to its full glory that is not something worth consideration.

A generic video from Redfin. This house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a large 2 car detached garage. 6,000 square foot house. Taxes are steep at 22,810 a year. Remax states it has two full baths and two half baths. 

Located very close to Lake Shore Drive. Just exit Bryn Mawr and make quick right and left and you are home!

Reviewing the interior shots available at Remax the following can be surmised.

Most if not all the wood trim has been painted. But for someone with deep pockets it could stripped or replaced. There is a grand fireplace.

Bathroom however is atrocious. Pink sink and bath tub from the seventies with horror show mosaic tiles. Parquet floors throughout much of the property. Hopefully the original floors remain for possible restoration.

Some wall work will need to be done for sure. Electric probably needs an upgrade and numerous other hidden problems. A handyman special!

At least one radiator cover is left. Looks like the radiators are all gone though. The pipes and hookups appear to be all there.

 French doors lead from the front room with the large fireplace into the front parlor. Pink walls! Some stain glass windows. Above the back stairs is a nice large balcony. Those stairs look okay, but might need to be replaced upon closer inspection.

At least one area of the floor looks burnt. A few rooms have quite a bit of peeled paint.

Trulia states that its being sold as is and they are looking for a cash offer.

The following observations were made reviewing the shots that Chevanston's freelance photographer took.

Not quite a porte cochere. But a part of the house juts out over the driveway.

A sun bleached sign hangs in the front room. The name of who managed the property can't be read anymore. It simply reads This Property Managed By ........... To Report Concerns Or Problems Call ........... It is possible that this was a form poster that was never filled out.

Lo Siento, No Le Encontre Hoy reads a People's Gas notice on top of the Remax sign. Looks like there is a People's Gas worker out there with a sense of humor.

The garage provides ample natural radiance with two skylights for whatever secret experiment you might be working on. When you need a break from trying to bring the dead back to life go outside and shoot a few hoops. Wood damage is apparent on the house and garage soffits.

Scanning through the backyard shots you can make out a yard swan resting peacefully in the foreground in front of the back stairs. Next to this is a ramshackle gazebo which might still be salvaged. 

The house has an old fashioned burglar/fire alarm. Plants are slowly taking over the front walk and driveway.

Challenging to get that Crib Chatter look to the entry. But here goes nothing; literally.

General Information from
  • Beds 4
  • House Size 6,028 Sq F
  • Price $699,900
  • Single Family Home
  • Stories - 3

  • Master Bedroom: 17x17 on 2nd floor
  • 2nd Bedroom: 15x14 on 2nd floor
  • 3rd Bedroom: 15x14 on 2nd floor
  • 4th Bedroom: 15x15 on 2nd floor 

  • Full Bathrooms: 2
  • Half Bathrooms: 2
  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Dining Room on 1st floor: 15x20
  • Kitchen on 1st floor: 12x18

  • Other rooms
  • Living Room: 16x22
  • Family Room: 18x18
  • Addtl Room 1: 10x10
  • Basement Features: Unfinished 
  • FullLiving Room Level: Main Level
  • Family Room Level: Main Level
  • Addtl Room 1 Level: Main Level
  • Total # Of Rooms: 9
  • LibraryAddtl Room 1 Name: Library

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From - Price History for 5640 N Sheridan Rd Alert

  • 06/05/2006  Sold  $1,500,000
  • 06/14/2013   For Sale price $849,900
  • 06/20/2013     For Sale price $799,900
  • 07/09/2013     For Sale price $725,000
  • 08/06/2013 For Sale price $699,900

 But it does have fortress like walls on the alley side, south side and north side. A front gate protects the driveway. It would make the most sense to get an electric sliding iron gate installed for easy in and out.

 The yard does lack privacy as it is adjacent to two high rises.

Most importantly this property offers estate living within walking distance of the red line and great dining options on or near Bryn Mawr. This is a one percenter (zero point one percenter) steal!

Horror Show Angle

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