Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tow Zone Back In Effect On Marshfield

Picture taken tonight of the newly replaced Tow Zone sign @ 7461-63 N Marshfield. Hopefully the sign stays up this time. This photo was taken as proof that the tow zone exists and to document that people are blocking the building's entrance when they break the law.

Here you can see this pole sans sign and this is when the second sign went missing.

The city of Chicago decided to install this tow zone. Its not up to John Q Public to take it upon himself to dismantle public infrastructure because they disagree with it. What kind of neighborhood would allow such lawlessness? Yes this isn't the biggest infraction. But when such an atmosphere exists it sets the stage for bigger crimes.

Not too many streets like this anywhere. Only one building exists on this ultra short stretch of Marshfield. It runs south from Rogers Avenue and quickly dead ends into the alley of Leonard Dubkin Park. People also have taken to parking in this alley as evidenced here.

Parking is tough in this neighborhood, but unlike some parts of Rogers Park there is a huge public parking structure a five minute walk from here (7474 N Rogers Avenue).

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