Monday, October 14, 2013

This Window Will Not Be Fixed Later Today

The building across the street was hit in a drive by shooting in September. Windows were replaced the next day. Lost Eras (a great local business) corner window has been busted for a year? Or more?

The above title is a spoof on a story that Occupy Rogers Park was excited about. Back during the hoopla of the Trayvon Martin Case there was some rioting in Oakland. A liberal group put a sticker on the window which said the following, "This window will be fixed later today. When will the US Justice System?". If someone had done that here in July, well.... that would've looked pretty stupid almost three months later.

Checking 311, this building code violation was called in September 13th. SRN is 13-01349870. They said no one has gone out to check on it yet, but they will as soon as they can.

The aldermans office said that Michael Land will talk to the building owner.

Perhaps this window should start a Twitter account? That would be entertaining and perhaps would get the message across?  If trees can start accounts, an inanimate object should be able to as well.

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