Monday, October 28, 2013

Does This Thing Run?

As a landlord can you completely divorce yourself from your alley? The owner of the Family Dollar/Chase/Sudz parking lot effectively has. The businesses there should either clean up the mess and withhold whatever the cleaning bill is from the rent OR demand that the landlord do his/her job.

Is it common to chain your motorcycle up in the alley? Is that brown rectangular object with the black cap where the gas is stored? If it is its pretty small. Though license to IL is cool, no doubt.

The alley behind Family Dollar's parking lot is chaotic. Now there are two mattresses on top of the garbage that already was there on the commercial property's land abutting the alley. New graffiti actually cheers up the otherwise drab and depressing area. Weeds and garbage choke the fence in back as well.

Update #1 10/30/13 2 pm - This writer just spoke to the regional manager at Family Dollar to alert them to the situation in the alley and regarding the dead handicapped pillar.

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A concrete handicapped parking pillar lies dead on the ground in Family Dollar's parking lot.

This writer discussed the situation with the manager at Family Dollar who did not know who the landlord was. Sudz no answer at their number. Speaking to the manager at Chase he said he would speak to the facilities manager and figure out who owns the building. Ultimately the landlord is responsible. Also notified the alderman's office (Ward 49) and talked with Family Dollar corporate (866-377-6420) about the trash in back.


mcl said...

The question to raise here is: Why hasn't the 49th Ward Streets & Sanitation Superintendent issued tickets to the property owner/landlord for this mess? This obviously has been accumulating over a long time. Also, where is the Alderman's RPBA and the SSA....certainly not taking care of business, as they are paid to do with taxpayer $'s.

mcl said...

Steps away from the Farmer's Market location....unbelievable!