Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rebuilding Of Duplex Continues @ Greenview & Farwell

Truly a unique project. Not everyday half a duplex is reconstructed. Especially of this age and construction (frame). It is heartening to see the progress. These pictures were taken this morning.

The litter at this exact corner is impressive. This writer has been fighting the litter at Greenview and Farwell on and off for four years without much progress. Would be nice if the neighbors pitched in. No one can do it alone. Can tell that it hardly ever gets picked up. Hopefully the spirit of the corner will rebound after the duplex is whole once again. Took about five minutes to get two armfuls of garbage thrown away.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see continued progress on this house. I moved into the neighborhood in June and wondered how long that mess was going to stand. Every time I went jogging past this place, I had to breath through my mouth because the smell was so nasty and acrid. Bleh.

Gonzo Rockatansky said...

Oh crap don't run by there no more. All that stuff causes cancer and birth defects if you have kids. My iguana died cause my landlord used to burn garbage in the back yard. Get a treadmill and run inside. I only eat raw food any more. Wash your food with lysol. it all has poison on the outside from Mexico.