Friday, October 25, 2013

Teenager Hit In Shooting Near Sullivan High School

Very short blip by the Sun-Time regarding the shooting. Would hardly call it an article.The Chicago Tribune said the shooting took place @ southeast corner of Bosworth and Albion at approx 7:50 pm (6500 N block of Bosworth). The nearest level one trauma is St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, Illinois. The shooting victim was taken there and is reported to be in stable condition. This corner is just south of Sullivan high school. (Above is lawn near the site of the shooting, thankfully no one died)

Facebook news groups fill in the knowledge gaps.

Update #1 10/25/13 2 pm  - reports that the 16 year old was shot in both legs.

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J.M. first posted "What is going on at Bosworth just south of Albion in the past hour? Lots of flashing lights, yellow tape and people standing around as I was looking for parking. Didn't walk over to check it out."

One neighbor said "I also live right across the street - heard at least 8 - possibly more than 10 shots. I heard the guy got shot in the face and the leg but that he's stable, and the people responsible got away in an old minivan. Don't know if they've caught em yet though."

Another neighbor adds "Bosworth and Prat are where the gang 'BBoys" hang out"

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Anonymous said...

Saw the kid laying there so sad. Glad he made it.