Saturday, October 12, 2013

Repairs To Former Dev Corp North HQ On Howard

This building and vacant lot haven't seen this kind of attention in years. Anyone remember DevCorp? The former incarnation of the Rogers Park Business Alliance.  A lot of newbies don't. Tuckpointing and parging of the brick wall has been ongoing the past few days. They are using the building for storage and electricity.

Bill Morton's review of DevCorp North 7/31/2007 (he has fun to read reviews of most everything in Rogers Park during this time period) - "Devcorp North currently = misuse of community funding. Alderman Moore shakes down every business in Rogers Park for both campaign contributions and Devcorp North memberships."

The inside of 1557 w Howard is being worked on as well. The garbage has been taken out, the windows cleared of debris, new lighting, walls about to be redone, hopefully the floor will be sanded. Pictures taken yesterday (as always click on the photograph for enlarged view).

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