Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Will The Real Mr. C.H. Morse Jr. Please Step Forward?

It would seem many of the puny denizens of the Village of Park Roger are asking why the great exulted motor car garage of Our Majesties Pritzker and Moore could not have been raised on the Street of Howard, where a scurrilous empty lot has rested quietly for decades. 

I can tell you why, good people. Oh yes, I can tell you why!

Because Royal Queen Pritzker and Wee Prince Moore declared the great motor car garage shall be raised on the Road of Sheridan! And so it came to be, little people! Their will be done!


The above public proclamation was reprinted here at the Chevanston Daily Tribune for those unfortunate enough to not belong to the Rogers Park Neighborhood News Group, Facebook, Rotary Club, or the Rogers Park Country Club. Those higher up in the community do not like to rub shoulders with commoners  sequestering themselves into an exclusive space.

During this especially stuffy dinner party the guests were shocked to suddenly spy two identical older distinguished men with white beards staring each other down. It was quite scandalous. John V. Farwell abruptly spit out his tea and had to retire to his motorcar for a change of garments.

The accused doppelganger had nailed the above notice to the wall in the men's bathroom and in the lobby at the local country club (near Ridge and Pratt avenues) yesterday evening. The other C.H. Morse Jr. ripped it down and stormed into the dining room shouting and cursing.

C.H. Morse Jr - the real Mr Morse? has declared the above declaration a sham.- The real, original C.h.Morse is in full support of all Pritzker improvements to Rogers Park including the garage. The imposter MOrse, who posted aboove, is a charlatan. - And the work of a hoaxer.

Can you tell the difference? Which one of them is the real C.H. Morse Jr? At press time the other guests were pulling at both of the men's beards, inspecting their pocket watches and handkerchiefs.


Anonymous said...

I love the irony here. I guess if you're going to appropriate another person's name as a pseudonym, you don't get exclusive rights.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes that true Jim A. :) Funny stuff from the peanut gallery on Facebook.

Internet in Rogers Park is definitely not boring.