Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wayne Avenue's Brick Paved Street Keeps Getting Smaller

Twelve whole bricks and five bricks broken in half lie on the parkway this morning. Four construction horses protect a giant metal slab. Loose bricks noted near the chasm. Glenwood Avenue (west side) from Lunt to Farwell has been approved for repair. What about Wayne Avenue from Farwell to Morse? It is rumoured that there might be left over funds to repair this last two way brick paved street in Chicago (is there another?).

From past experience this writer knew better than to assume any kind of repair work would happen. Pretty obvious from the signage on the horses that this stretch of road will be asphalted (M and J Asphalt Paving). These bricks were picked up and stored in a safe location. Mayne Stage with brick paved Wayne in the foreground is as classic as Chicago gets. Hopefully this historic street get the attention it so sorely needs and deserves in the near future. Before it completely disappears.

Here is another post concerning Wayne from the Everyblock days last December.

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