Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Public Drinking Ban Unpopular With Locals?

New tow zones aren't the only laws and signs unpopular with neighbors. This sign didn't last too long on Howard. The photograph above left is from August. Above right is from a few days ago. The stop sign is now devoid of the drinking ban. This will be called into 311 and reported to the alderman's office. So many signs missing so little time.

Perhaps it was someone concerned about losing our freedom to become publicly wasted? Or just a collector of signs? This sign was bolted down. Was it not tightened enough? How about a sign declaring that its illegal to steal signs?

If this really is going to be a new Howard and a "brand new experience" the public drinking has got to stop. Still plenty of liquor bottles (beer, whiskey, wine, etc) to pickup every week.


Gonzo Rockatansky said...

If you drink by yourself yur an alcholic. Public drinking means your OK. Alcoholics should be arrested not decent people. Jesus did wine in public.

Mary Leahy said...

Hey Gonzo, I've known plenty of alkys who drink in public. Drinkin at home alone by urself ain't no fun.